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I want to 1st say thank you for stopping by to check out my website. Here, I discuss all things business and finance. From having a home-based business and reasons why it is not an option for you to have one, to having multiple streams of income and ways to earn multiple streams of income. I discuss tax benefits you are rewarded for having a home based business, and we talk about asset accumulation such as gold and silver precious metals and we’ll be learning about cryptocurrency and ways to earn them, verses you buying them. And much more, like how to live your life like a business.

My Ultimate goal is to help get people into the habit of taking control over your own lives and your own finances. So that we all can have a chance at building wealth for ourselves, our families and our communities, to have success and to live financially and abundantly free.

We are witnessing unprecedented times right now as we continue to face the Covid-19 pandemic issues and while America along with the rest of the world fight through protest, riots, and politics; we are witnessing much racism at the hands of our oppressors and police brutality.

Amid all to the chaos there are major things happening in the background that many are not aware of. That is the fact that the economy and the American dollar is collapsing right before our eyes and the Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History is taking place right now. Dan Pena said “that only one tenth of the worlds population is even taking advantage of it. Well I’m here to make you aware and I’m also here to show you ways that you can begin today taking advantage of amazing opportunities to build wealth to and put you in position to free yourself and your family.

Although we’ve seen a lot of chaotic things take place this year in 2020, I don’t know about you, but I’ve witnessed some amazing things in my life personally and I’ve been witnessing people all over the world being blessed and lives being changed. Even during this pandemic. And I am extremely optimistic that many more miracles and amazing things are going to happen for us. All we must do is stay focused, get in position and stay positively productive and all our dreams and goals are going to manifest.

So, a few things that you can find here on my channel right now are amazing systems, that I use. Some are old some are new. You can begin taking advantage of today. I talk about Gold, the importance and benefits of saving gold and How you can get a FREE Gold Savings Account with Karatbars, which is an awesome e-Commerce affiliate program. Where we specialize in all things gold and Blockchain Technology devices such as our Gold ATM Machines, our Blockchain Technology cell phones, and laptops, and our K-merchant system which allows business and merchants to do business transactions in a variety of currencies such as gold, crypto and fiat.

I also talk about the necessity and simplicity of saving in silver, “The Most Undervalued’ asset in precious metals right now, even over gold. And I can show you how you can earn free silver with Quick Silver.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely big on health and what we put in our body as well, So you will also find a variety of health products and health education that I will share with you as I continue to learn and grow and experience this amazing life. Your health is your wealth! What can you do with all the wealth in the world if you don’t have good health? Absolutely nothing.

So, I also talk about an amazing FREE Business Opportunity to be a distributor of the worlds number health product on the market right now that is helping people all over the world dump their prescription drug medicines down the toilet, CBD, through the Greatest CBD and health product company I’ve seen around in years (and I’ve been a quite a few of them in my day), CTFO which is short for Changing The Future Outcome. And I can truly say that we have done that for so many people around the world.

We carry some of the best Top-Quality CBD and Non-CBD products on the market. Our products are GMP Certified, meaning what you see on the label is what you get in the product. (Many companies cannot say that.) A recent study showed that 70% of the products on todays market lie about what is in their products. We do not and we list the lab test results on our website and update it every 6 months.

The Distribution system is free to you and the Compensation earning potential is amazing! You can make $18,000 per month in residual income (which is income coming in every single month after month from doing something one time). Seriously, there are so many ways to get paid with this Distributions system its almost unbelievable. And we get paid every week on Wednesday!

I will also be talking about the future of money “cryptocurrency”. I will be educating you about crypto and the blockchain and I will also share with you, awesome systems to earn them. Bitcoin, Ethereum, KBC, KCB and more…

So you’re like wow Shaymarie, that is a lot. Well its ok, you don’t have to know everything at once and the information will be here for you to access at your leisure. So, do not worry. As I continue to learn, grow and earn, I will be here to help as many of you that have a strong desire to learn and be successful, learn, grown and work our way to true financial freedom.

But I will say this not to sugar coat anything and keep it real with you, if you don’t take this information and resources I’m sharing with you serious there are going to be a lot that will suffer behind not taking action to always be prepared for the worse while still hoping for the best. At the end of the day, times are changing and if you want for this transition to go more smoothly in your life than the roughness you will have ahead of you, then please pay attention. That is all that I ask. I am not asking you for money or anything like that. All I ask is that if I am going to continue to provide information and resources to the world, I do need involvement, cooperation and team effort from everyone…

Everyone has a part to play in their own fight towards real Freedom. So play your part! That is all I ask. And I will do my very best, to maintain integrity and I my intent is never to leady anyone down the wrong path. So I always try to bring solid resources and information to the table.

My motto is “Together, Everyone Achieves More. One thing you will eventually come to know about me on here is that I am Big on team building and practicing group economics. There is power in numbers!

It was J.D. Rockefeller that once said, “I would rather use 1% of 100 people’s efforts, than 100% of my own efforts. And that is what I hope to get you all to inner and over stand. Is that you cannot be successful on your own. No successful person rich or wealthy person got there on their own. They got there off the backs of us. And they were the ones that always benefited most, while we still work hard every day, struggling to live and survive.  Where we will have to do more business and transact with each other. But this time they’re isn’t going to be a middle man involved such as the “corrupt banks, Federal Reserves and those greedy Wall Street guys that have inflated the entire economy into a giant bubble that is getting ready to burst any day now, like an over due pregnant women, anxious for the relief and to have her body back to herself once more. Which is exactly why fiat currency is going to crash and we are head into a cashless society. I do not want to make this longer than this needs to be, but I need you guys to know that some things moving forward in 2020.

If you have not heard about Nesara/Gesara, go look it up and read as much as you possibly can about it. But I am just going to out line some of the highlights here and we that are important to me to get to you.

But here are a few highlights about it that you need to know about…undefined

Because while this act that has not yet been announced by our President Trump yet, has a lot of positives to it. There is still a negative side that we have to look at in this  thing so that we can get more of an inner and over standing of why I need you to see the information I and resource solutions that I give to you are necessary to take serious and take advantage of and get ahead of the shift that is take place from the old financial system to the new decentralized system. But because so many are unaware, many many are going to be left behind. That is why  am making it my life’s mission to d0 the very best that I can to help spread this information to make more people aware and provide you with solutions that you can get started on today putting a hedge of protection over your finances and the future of your financial freedom.

Please know that there is a strategic method to all of this madness. You may think I’m all over the place, and I may be, because the world is all over the place right now. But I will tell you that mostly everything I do is for a reason and is done intentionally. I will help you over stand that about me the more you get to know me. A lot of things I promote are recommend are mainly things that I use. In so many words I have learned how to make money from things that I use in my every day personal or business life. I’ve figured out how to make a profit from it and live my life as a business. But the thing about this whole strategy is that you have to have a Home-Based Business.

See you may or may not understand it yet, but America was built on a business structure. The powers that be have figured out a way to monetize and capitalize on every aspect of our lives to make themselves wealthy and rich, while we are still slaves to their institutional systems. We as a country just practiced and celebrated this new holiday that has hit the scene within the last 5-10 years called Juneteeth. So apparently this holiday was designated as the day that slavery was abolished by Abraham Lincoln in 1865. But slavery was never abolished, it was just transferred in the constitution with word play to give the illusion that slavery was ended. The last know plantation today was still operation in 2013. You don’t have to believe anything I tell you, you’ll learn that I will always encourage you to do your due diligence. Never take my word as face value. Information is available to each of us now. It’s no longer hidden. Just open up a book. In most cases now all you have to do is Google it! lol!!! Just type in a few keywords, find some credible and reliable sources and read for yourself. Get an inner standing and over standing for yourself.

Back to the subject matter at hand. Everyday I’m looking for ways to make money from the things I use on a daily basis. Every aspect of our lives requires money. Everything we do takes money to do or have it. Unless of course you’re some where living off grid not using electricity, gas and water provided by the state. All three of these things are necessities, things that should be free because to us. But they are because knowledge has been hidden from us and we’ve all been indoctrinated to believe certain things such as electricity not being free and a bunch of technical, chemical based machines have to been ran in order for electricity to be generated. When electricity is just energy and can be generated from the Solar Sun. Because unknowingly we’ve contracted with these government corporations and gotten ourselves in trick bags. Side note: If you want to know how to go about never having to pay bills again, so you can get on a higher vibrational level, then be sure to checkout one of my many mentors in life Ms. Diva Lyri, she’ll teach you how to get your life all the way together on the legal private side. When you get to the site. You’ll see exactly what I mean. So be sure to check out her site today if you want to learn how to get all the way free… Take back your rightful place on this thrown called earth. It all belongs to you. Be sure to ask her about her A4V Package. And I do not receive any type of monetary compensation for sending you over there to her site. I just know how she has tremendously blessed my life in the past 3 months and I’m just doing as I promised and providing you ladies and gentlemen, with the resource that I know for sure are going to bless your socks off.

However, we have to get back to capitalizing with each other and practicing group economics and working hand and hand with each other, use systems that are available for us to use as leverage to build a safety nest for ourselves and families, to teach our children how to create and build wealth.

My goal is to help as many of you be successful. I promise to be as transparent as I possibly can with you and keep it one hundred with you guys at all times. Sometimes you may not like it, but I’m a realist, so I have to keep it real. I was present facts over any feelings or emotions that may arise. Truth hurts sometime, but the truth also sets you free. And I want us all to be free, live and peace and harmony the way mother nature created this beautiful land to be.

I know this is a pretty lengthy introduction, but I am extremely passionate about the things I have to share with you and offer you. We have suffered long enough and its time for us to take back our rightful places as sons and daughters of an abundant mother nature.

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